Frequently asked questions - faq


How long is the assessment letter valid for migration purposes? Do I need a Duplicate Letter?

 Whilst the assessment outcome will remain valid indefinitely for Engineers Australia, the EA understanding is that DIBP mandates that the assessment notification be no more than three years old at the date of migration application. If you require an updated letter of assessment after this time, please contact the EA Member Service Team

I need a new letter, what do I do?

From the Engineers Australia’s point of view, the assessment does not have an expiry date. However, the Department of Home Affairs may have other requirements. It is the EA understanding that they would accept letters up to 3 years old.

If you need a letter that is identical to the previous assessment outcome with the current date, you can request a duplicate letter, a standard administration fee applies.

If you need the original outcome to be updated, for example, adding/removing additional services (e.g. work experience and/or overseas PhD assessment) or name change, you can request an updated letter, our fee may vary depending on the service provided.

Please call the EA Member Services on 1300 653 113 or email for details on the process.

I have limited engineering experience. Can I still apply for an assessment of my qualification?

 Yes, you can still apply. Please note that Work Experience is not a mandatory requirement. It is possible for you to demonstrate your competencies by referring to your undergraduate engineering qualification and the project/work experience elements of your academic study.

Note that you must provide an employer reference letter if you have relevant experience of twelve months or more, or if the work experience provides a basis for a Career Episode.