Oliveira Traduções

Renata Oliveira Munro

Renata Oliveira Munro é uma tradutora certificada pela NAATI –Português/Inglês. Renata nasceu no Brasil, no estado de Minas Gerais e se mudou para a Australia 23 anos atrás.

Ela estudou Direito no Brasil e Terapia Ocupacional na Universidade de Sydney. Ela també completou uma pós-graduação em Linguistica Aplicada pela Universidade Monash (Melbourne). Renata trabalhou como Terapeuta Ocupacional por muitos anos antes de investir na sua paixão por linguas e se tornar uma tradutora oficial (certificada) em 2009. Renata é tradutora membro da AUSIT (Instituto Australiano de Tradutores e Interpretes) desde de 2013 e Secretária da AUSIT QLD .

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Condor Migration


Securing a permanent visa for you and your family is tough. Yes your lawyer/agent makes it as easy for you as possible but that doesn’t take away the stress while you are waiting to hear from the Department and it doesn’t make the distance between you and your relatives any shorter.

Our mission is to do good things one client at a time. We are not interested in becoming the biggest firm, rather, our mission is to be the best firm. You, the client, are our why.

With more than 16 years combined experience we have seen just about everything and we pride ourselves on avoiding the pitfalls we see other agencies fall into. Your emails and calls will be answered, you will not be subject to a revolving door of agents leaving the firm and leaving you in the lurch.




Sebastian was born in Colombia and has been living in Australia for more than 9 years, where he has built his professional and personal life together with his family. He finished his studies in business at Griffith University in 2013, after which he went through various challenges in his immigration process (refused visa successfully appealed by Bianca Chisari). Although it was a difficult time for him and his family he firmly believes that going through these trials and tribulations has given him great knowledge and sensitivity in the area. Allowing him to thoroughly understand everything that people are going through, during their migration journey.

Today he has more than 3 years of experience working in the migration industry, his extensive Networking with Australian companies and professionals from different areas has allowed him to help many migrants to get professional jobs in Australia.



Jason is a proud Australian, knowing that being born in this beautiful country has afforded him a gift that is not always so easily obtained by others. After graduating in 2013 with a Bachelor of Business and a Bachelor of Psychological Science, he spent over three years in a large migration firm, working side-by-side with thousands of hopeful migrants. This invaluable experience has given him an in-depth and empathetic understanding of what clients go through to secure their future in “the land of opportunity”. Despite not having personally experienced the hardships that can be faced during the migration process, his down to earth approach allows him to help and guide his clients on their correct migration pathway. His motto is “to assist every client as if they were a brother or sister” demonstrating that this is much more than a job, it’s his passion.