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Online Group Mentoring Program "Validation Formula 6.0"

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Unfortunately the Webinar offer has gone!!! The discount now is not $200, but still $150 off for the first 20 students. After the first 20 students, the investment will go to the normal value of $847. Don't make me say: "I told you...."

Special offer for the first 20 students of this group: I am giving you $150 as a discount! Investment reduced from $847 for just $697 plus the 9 exclusive Bonuses!!! Special offer finishes on 02/05/2020 or when 20 students are enrolled, whichever happens first, so hurry up!!

Class 1: 09/05/2020 @ 9am, Brisbane time (GMT +10hrs)

Class 2: 16/05/2020 @ 9am, Brisbane time (GMT +10hrs)

Class 3: 23/05/2020 @ 9am, Brisbane time (GMT +10hrs)

Validation Formula Online Group Mentoring Program: these 3 Video-Classes are a compilation of more than 10 years of experience as an engineer in Australia and as an interview panel member and recruiter of engineers in the kangaroos' land. When you purchase this Validation Formula online group mentoring program, you will have at hand a detailed guide in how to prepare your CDR (Competency Demonstration Report), including how to write your CPD (Continuing Professional Development), your Career Episodes and how to put together your Summary Statement. This Validation Formula considers that you have had an active academic life, you have participated in: study groups, supervised internships, undergraduate projects and so on. Is this mentoring program going to guarantee that your CDR will be approved by the Engineers Australia? Not necessarily, obviously the assessment is very subjective and it will depend on each applicant's situation, but by utilising this methodology, it means that the process will be significantly quicker and with stronger chances to be approved.

Oferta irresistível com 9 bônus

Descubra o que é esta oferta irresistível para fazer parte da minha mentoria online Fórmula da Validação e os 9 Bônus Extra. Oferta super especial para os primeiros 20 alunos.

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Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

O oferta do Webinário encerrou-se à meia-noite do dia 26 de Abril. 

Agora, o investimento voltou para $697 para os primeiros 20 alunos ou $847 depois dos 20 alunos. Para pagamento parcelado, veja as condições abaixo. 

irresistible offer with 9 extra bonuses

Find out what is this irresistible offer to join my online Mentoring Program "Validation Formula" and the 9 extra bonuses. Special offer for the first 20 students. 

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Be one of the first 20 and get your $150 off, click here

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

The webinar offer ended at midnight on 26th April. From now on, the investment is back to $697 for the first 20 students or $847 after the 20 students. For installment payment, see conditions below

validation formula online mentoring program

* You will receive 3 tax invoices from PayPal, the deposit must be paid by Thursday 07/05/2020 and the second and third invoices will have due dates after 30 and 60 days of the first invoice due date.

installment payment - discount for the first 20 students


Today is your lucky day!!!

You will still get this amazing online group mentoring program with the special offer. Deposit of AUD$249 plus 2 installments of AUD$249. The deposit needs to be paid by 07/05/2020, so you can get the link to access the video class. The second and third invoices will be sent few days prior to the due dates. 

Due date for the second invoice is 07/06/2020

Due date for the third invoice is 07/07/2020

Validation Formula online group mentoring program


Validation Formula - Product Description


The Validation Formula Online Mentoring Program is a series of 3 video classes delivered as a Live webinar sessions. Once you purchase the mentoring program, you will be receiving a Thank You email in the next 3 days detailing the dates of the video classes and what you will have access within the "Students Only" area of the Engineers In Australia website. This  members' area will have all the bonuses and information you need for the online mentoring.

You will also receive an email within the first 3 days for you to create your access password to the Students only area.

Within 3 days prior to the video classes, you will receive an email with the Webinar access code and instructions to use the webinar tool ZOOM Meeting.

The 9 Bonuses explained:

1) VIP Group in Telegram with 60 days mentoring (an invitation to join the VIP Group will be sent within 2 days after the first video class), assuming that the student has downloaded the Telegram app;

2) Action Plan using the 5W 2H Methodology (download in excel format);

3) eBook 7 Tips to write the CV (download in pdf format);

4) eBook 7 Tips to write the Cover Letter (download in pdf format);

5) eBook 7 Tips to a powerful professional interview (download in pdf format);

6) Compilation of comments and feedbacks provided to previous students (download in pdf format);

7) Catch up session with the Validation Formula students (webinar session twice a year);

8) Career Episodes Planning and Summary Statement Assistant (download in excel format);

9) 30 Minutes of Feedback Session (webinar session), it will be booked on a date and time that is suitable for the participant and the mentor, and the student can choose at what stage of the process this feedback session will take place. 

If the student requires more time, there is the option to purchase blocks of 60 minutes or 180 minutes. The block of 180 minutes can be split in sessions of 60 minutes.


validation formula testimonies - Leila Gobus

Leila was one of the students of the first group of the Validation Formula Online Group Mentoring Program. She is a Civil Engineer from Brazil, now living in Tasmania and submitted her CDR application in December 2019 and was approved in January 2020.


Validation formula - extra bonuses


Feedback session - 30 minutes

You will have the opportunity to have a one on one feedback session with Gerson Ida to discuss any aspect of your CDR preparation, it is all under your control, you choose what stage and what document you would like to have feedback on. The date and time will need to be agreed between you and Gerson. This session will be using the platform Zoom App and the meeting will be set up by Gerson and the meeting link will be sent to your email. The session will be recorded and a private access will be provided to you, unless there is technical issues with the platform that impacts on the recording of the meeting. 

Normal price: $150, you get for FREE


VIP Group in Telegram

You will be part of the VIP Group in Telegram where the Validation Formula students will be able to share their experiences to enrich their content and have my mentoring for 60 days. This does not include revision of documents and reports. CPD and Reference Letters can be sent in the group for feedback.

The VIP group in Telegram will be set up within the first 3 days after the first video class date.

Normal price: $550, you get for FREE


7 Tips for Curriculum Vitae

You will get an eBook with 7 Tips to make your CV with more chances to be chosen by panel members for the next stage of recruitment.

The eBook pdf file is already available in the students only area.

Normal price: $25, you get for FREE


7 Tips for Cover Letter

You will get 7 Tips to make your cover letter very attractive and improve your chances to be chosen for the interview. 

 The eBook pdf file is already available in the students only area. 

 Normal price: $25, you get for FREE 


7 Tips for Professional Interview


Knowing how to behave in a professional interview is essential, and with these 7 Tips, you will increase your chances to be chosen as the preferred candidate to be hired for the position. 

The eBook pdf file is already available in the students only area. 

 Normal price: $25, you get for FREE 


Comments & Feedback


Validation Formula students have access to a compilation of comments and feedback that I have provided to some students. This will help you to avoid some of the mistakes, saving time, effort and money.

 Normal price: $200, you get for FREE 


Action Plan 5W 2H


Using this action plan based on 5W 2H methodology, it will guide your journey to prepare your CDR in just 30 days.

Normal price: $25, you get for FREE


Catch up session with Validation Formula students


I will be promoting a catch up session, inviting all Validation Formula students to exchange their experiences, sharing what worked and what didn't work, to foster the community environment where to get further, we don't go alone, but we go with company.

These catch up session will be promoted via Live Webinar twice a year.

 Normal price: $200, you get for FREE 


Career Episodes Planning and Summary Statement Assistant

This planning tool in excel contains:

* Summary Statement Assistant

* Academic/Work Experience Planning

* 16 Competencies Check-lists  

 Normal price: $100, you get for FREE 

our warranty


30 Days Warranty

If within 30 days of the first class, you have no benefit obtained through the Validation Formula Program and with my mentoring in Telegram, in providing you with a strong and solid  CDR application by Engineers Australia, you just have to email me with the copy of your CDR to prove that you actually tried to prepare your documentation and stating that the product and mentoring did not add any value to your application and I will return 100% of the amount paid for the Validation Formula Online Mentoring Program.  

That is, you are not at any risk! That simple.



After you click on the picture or on the button, you will be redirected to a page to fill out your details and the coupon code. An invoice with the discounted amount will be sent to your email for payment via PayPal, and this must be paid prior to the first video class.